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Year 5 Assembly


Wow, what a lovely treat to come back to school for. You made me very proud year 5 and well done to all the staff who looked after you and helped you to produce a brilliant assembly.
Year 5 Assembly on PhotoPeach

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Ghyll Head


We had such a fantastic time at Ghyll Head last week. Visit Miss Taylor’s Y6 blog for all the photos. Thanks year 6 for being such a brilliant group to take away!

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Woo hoo SATs are over!


Well done to all Year 6 who have worked so so hard this week. SATs are over! Look how we spent the afternoon celebrating.
SATs are over! on PhotoPeach

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Royal Wedding Bank Holiday


How will you spend it? This holiday we will be getting an extra day off due to the Royal Wedding. How will you be celebrating either the Wedding or even the extra day off? You might be having a street party; a family get together or maybe you are going to be watching from the streets of London.
What are you doing?

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Y6 River Trip


Our fantastic day at the river.
Year 6 River Trip on PhotoPeach

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Milly and Layyah stuck together!


Milly and Layyah have been stuck for ideas on how to raise money for Comic Relief so they decided to stick together in an extra large t-shirt for a whole day. (Not including toilet breaks!)
So please support them by sponsoring them on their website at

Many thanks :D
Milly and Layyah

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Sponsored Hop


Hi all,
Hope here, just wanted to say we’ve now got our own just giving website for the sponsered hop called

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Kerry,Emily,Anna,Izzy and Megan’s Sponsored SILENCE!


Please can everyone go to
to donate for comic relief as we are doing a sponsored silence and we need to get as much money as possible even if it is just 20p it can still make a difference!
So can you go to to donate as much as possible!

Please help us make a difference,
Emily, Kerry, Anna, Megan and Izzy.
Thank you.

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River Projects


Please come and look at all the fantastic work we’ve been doing about rivers. Here are our river projects that we completed at home.

The River Mersey


river y

River AngoraMy Project

Yellow River

the river chu 2

The River Amazon real one

The amazon presentation

River work

river powerpoint

River Po- lucas

River Po

rainbow river

River Homework


Maariyahs river nile projet [Recovered]

Layyahs homework DO NOT DELETE OR EDIT!!!

jacks missippi


Our River Projects on PhotoPeach

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Is TV a blessing or a curse?


Is TV a blessing or a curse

Many people believe that television is a miracle of modern life. Furthermore, that television is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st Century. Can you really imagine life without it?

Some questions to think about:
– What are the advantages of watching TV?
– How does television improve our daily lives?
– What are the disadvantages of watching TV?
– How does it affect our lives?

If you were writing a balanced argument with this title, what would you write for ‘TV is a blessing’ what would you write for ‘TV is a curse?’ How would you summarise the balanced argument?

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